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Teens like you and me have a variety of taste. By looking through someone's wardrobe you can tell what kind of person they are and what kind of personality they have. But to clearly see how a teen expresses themeselves you must scan their CDs. As online Sleek Teen reporters, Stacy and I decided to interview teens on the Internet. By talking to a variety of people from all over the world, we found out a lot! (Some stuff we didn't want to know!) Music preferences varied from rap, alternative and pop. Scroll down to see what's sitting in an average teen's CD player.


STR=sleek teen reporter TQ=The questioned *some people didn't want their screenames show*

When I stepped into an Eminem Chatroom, I could obviously see lots of fans admired him. Luckily, I selected a few teens interested in Slim Shady's jamming backbeats and picked one to be published on this site.

STR: Did Eminem ever inspire you to become a rapper?
MiMiii019: [Even though] I'm a girl, he made me think about it.
STR: Out of all his rap songs, what's your favorites?
MiMiii019: "The way I am" and "Kill you"
STR: Do you think he's a good influence?
MiMiii019: He's straight as fu**!
STR: So is that a good thing?
MiMiii019: Yeah!

I got my friend to be interviewed too, and here's what he said about rap.

STR: What's your favorite style of music?
Brad: Rap
STR: Who's your favorite artist under the catergory of rap?
Brad: Em or Dre, and wait [also] Snoop!
STR: What's your favorite song by a rap artist?
Brad: "I never knew" by Em.


One of my neighbors is a fan of alternative music and gladly volunteered to be interviewed.

STR: What's your favorite style of music?
TQ: Alternative!!
STR: Your favorite artist under alternative?
TQ: Can it be a band?
STR: Sure.
TQ: Blink182!
STR: And why do you like them so much?
TQ: Well because they look sexy without any clothes on!
(By the way, he is not a homosexual. He's just known for making weird comments. LoL)
STR: LoL. Um ok. Anyways, does Blink182 inspire you in any way shape or form?
TQ: [YES!] They let me be myself.


Stacy and I were overwhelmed by the popularity of the pop genre. It took us a long time to calm down the response of some N'Sync lovers. FINALLY, we got to talk to some people.

STR: Why do you like Jessica Simpson?
AndreaT416: Because she is a great role model and inspiration. She doesn't pretend to be something she's not, she speaks her mind and voices her morals, and stands up for what she believes in even if people are going to pass judgement.
STR: Next question..does she inspire you at all?
AndreaT416: Yes! Very much so!
STR: How?
AndreaT416: Well, I am also saving myself until marrige. She has taught me that I am not alone on that, even if she doesn't know it, she has helped me and taught me alot!
STR: What is your favorite song by her and why?
AndreaT416: Probably "Heart of Innocence", because it talks about [how] she has a gift for her future husband. I have made that same promise. It expresses alot about me! Or maybe "Your Faith in Me" because I know alot of people have faith in me and are there to support me. Especially since I want to be a singer!

And Andrea, good luck! We have faith in you! :o)

The boy band fans were SO large it was very difficult to slim down only a few to be selected. Thanks to all of you teens out there!

STR: Why do you like O-Town?
TQ: They all just started out as 25 guys, then 8, the 5 and they all came together to make one awesome group! Almost all of them are cute and they have good personalities!!!
STR: Do you think they'll still be popular later?
TQ: Yeah. I think I will like them better then N'Sync!
STR: Do u think that O-Town's personalities are going to be less superficial because they started on TV and as regular people?
TQ: well, I think they will be just like Nsync. I mean Nsync started out like that by Lou Pearlman. I think they will have great personalities and have a great affect on people!

Stacy LOVES O-Town to let you fellow teens know. She's a fan of "the hottie Ashley".

~Why do you like N'Sync?~

"I like their songs not them."

"Cause' they're the best boy band that ever lived and they are fine! [Plus] they have voices like angels!"

Who's your favorite out of all the "N'Syncers"?

"Justin. [Well] I don't really have a reason. I like his clothes but he could lose the fro."

"Justin Randall Timberlake! He has an awesome voice...they all do, but there is something about Justin that I just love! He's so fine!"

Heavy Metal/Rock>>>

We only had enough time to find one person who was interested in heavy metal/rock.

STR: Do you think hard-core rock and metal have made a comeback?
TQ: Yes. But in a bad way.
STR: Explain.
TQ: Well we have Rob Zombie who drinks blood and worships the devil.
STR: What's your favorite rock song in this current time?
TQ: "Okay then, Rocksuperstar!" by Cypress Hill!
STR: Thanks!