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Welcome to "Meet the editors." Here you find out about the many people who work on this page!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Lauren (E-mail her here.)
Birthday: September 16th 1987
Fav Color: Green and Pink (not together!)
Fav Hobbies: Shopping! Reading, swimming, going on the internet, and schoolwork!! (Just kidding)
Fav TV show: Roswell! (And Young Americans)
Fav Movie: That's hard, umm... Ever After I guess. I also liked The Sixth Sense.
Job for the site: I do all the graphics and html stuff. And the frames, (thanks to Miyako.) Also I write some things.

Fav page on the site? Why?: I think they are all equal because they all took the same amount of stupid html to make!!! :o) But seriously, I like the Celeb Style page becuase the pictures are pretty! (I wish I had Keri Russell's hair!)
Note to future webpage makers: It's harder than it looks! But if you keep it up you'll get awesome results!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Canch or also known as "QCC" (E-mail her here)
Birthday: February 18th 1987
Fav Color: Orange and baby blue. (not together though)
Fav Hobbies: Skiing! Writing poetry, talking on the phone, making zines, AOL, doing hair, and making small movies with my camcorder! hehe.
Fav TV show:Young Americans! Wow! Scout is HOT! LoL. Also,Dawson's Creek, Real World and I'm learning to love the tv show Survivor.
Fav Movie: Now and Then, Stepmom, The Blair Witch Project, and Superstar!
Job For The Site: I write most of the articles. (i.e.- celeb style and fashion)
Fav page on the site? Why?: I like all the pages but my absolute favorite so far would hafta be "The Celeb Style" page cuz I love learning about celebs and it's always fun to research them.
Note to future webpage makers: It's hard at first but don't give up. Creativity is the key, and if you like to write or draw, this is the thing to do! Have fun!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Amy
Birthday: September 26th 1986
Fav Color: Red
Fav Hobbies: Singing, dancing, acting, soccer, and board games. (even though I usually lose them) :o(
Fav TV show: Shasta McNasty
Fav Movie: Little Mermaid and the Matrix
Job on the site: I write the Beauty stuff.
Fav page on the site? Why?: Beauty page, because I wrote it!!
Note to future webpage makers: Make your friends do it all!! That's what friends are for! Thanks guys! heeheehee! I like cheeeese and Mike Ciufo! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~