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Ever wonder how your personality determines your
stlye of clothing? With the quiz below you can figure that
out! Grab a scrap piece of paper and a pen or pencil and
scroll down to start the quiz!

1) When you walk into you room, the first thing you see is:
a: a beat up visor
b: a colorful necklace
c: a hemp necklace
d: a leather cuff band

2) To a summer block party, you'd most likely be wearing:
a: Who the heck cares?
b: A cute little sundress!
c: I wouldn't be there! I'd be recovering from sunburn! Ouch.
d: Oh geez! The endless possiblities! I think I'd need the latest "Comso Girl" to
find a stylish enough dress.

3) Your apparel colors mostly sum up to:
a: Oranges and Greens.
b: Anything floral or spring like.
c: Anything included on the rainbow.
d: Any color up to date

4) At resturaunts, what dish describes you the most?
a: A burger-rough, edgy, but still sophistacted.
b: The cakes-sugary, delightful, and very optimistic
c: Fish N' Chips-creative, different, yet crunchy all the way around!
d: Anything Ethnic-unpredictable, unique, and very brave.

5) Your shopping bag label says:
a: American Eagle
b: GAP
c: Pacific Sunwear
d: Gucci

6) Which celebrity walks the red carpet with your style?
a: Rachel Leigh Cook-comfy and cool.
b: Jennifer Love Hewitt-pretty in pinks and other pastels.
c: Amy Jo Johnson- anything that fits her energetic mood.
d: Christina Aguilera-leather pants,animal print, the works!

Now find out which letter you wrote down the most. This letter will determine
your unique fashion.


If you had:
Mostly A's- You are a Rustic Femma! Clothes that are extremely comfy
are your major concern. When it's hot out, you roll up your sleeves
or tie up your shirt. Think American Eagle models!

Mostly B's-You are a Girly Girl! Floral and bouncy clothes are what you
wear. Keeping it simple and pretty is your main goal. Small accesories
and cute handbags spice up the look. When shopping you seem to be attracted
to GAP.

Mostly C's-You are a Beach Chica. Sometimes basking in a swimsuit will
make your day. Roxy shirts and Billabong line your "surf's up" wardrobe.
Sloppy buns and a weathered tan make you different then any other!

Mostly D's-You are a Stylin Star! Some of your friends say you look like you
strutted out of a magazine. You shop at cool stores with similar clothes to Emporio
Armani or Gucci. Keep up the good work!

A mix- You mix match with different styles. One day you look like Drew Barrymore
and the next day you look like Britney Spears. Your unique and special.