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Different people have different opinions about makeup. Some people pile it on and others don't wear any at all. Although we see many beautiful women in magazines and on television we never know what they really look like. We can never tell if they are wearing it or not. Many young men idolize them and most young women want to look like them. But where does beauty come from? Is it natural or is it that stuff you buy in a bottle? I asked people from different genders and religions what they thought about makeup and when was the time to start putting it on or to stop applying it.

Makeup in general

STR- sleek teen reporter TQ-The questioned (some ppl didn't want their screename shown)

I asked a fourteen year old boy from a Teen Chat Room what he thought about girls who wear makeup.

STR: what do you think about girls who wear a lot of makeup?
TQ: It's sexy for a party but not for everyday.
STR: If You thought your girlfriend was really pretty but she just wore a lot of makeup would you be mad?
TQ: If I was dating her, yes.
STR: Do you believe in natural beauty?
TQ: yes

I asked a fourteen year old girl what she thought of makeup.

STR: What do you think of girls who wear makeup?
Stormwatch13: It's cool. I like to wear it.
STR: Do you think it can harm your skin?
Stormwatch13: No unless you wear it the wrong way.
STR: Does the makeup ever make you breakout?
Stormwatch13: Sometimes

Here's what some others said..

One girl said, "I don't wear makeup because I'm tan and I don't like it."
Another boy said, "I think Girls look pretty when they wear makeup."
Many women wear makeup and many don't. Many men like when women wear makeup and many don't. Makeup is a decision.Yes, there is some makeup that can help your skin but most don't. It helps cover up things you don't want anyone to see on your face but when you don't wash it off, it isn't good for your skin. As you can see from the conversations I had with many people, makeup can cause breakouts and harm.

Remember when applying it "less is more." Makeup is to bring out your natural beauty not to cover it up. Let it shine through by adding some eyeliner to the naturally dark lines near your eyelashes, or put some shimmer on those eyelids to bring out the color in your eyes. Experiment with makeup is something that should be fun.