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Welcome to the advice section of our page! "Dr. Jade" from Sleek Teens is willing to help with anything she can. :o)

Do you need some advice? No problem! Fill out the form below and your question will automatically be sent to Dr. Jade. Your name or even your e-mail does not have to be revealed!

**Also, please understand the fact that Dr. Jade is not a trained doctor in any way. She can only help with certain things, and can't answer any medical questions!!**


I have a problem. I'm in the 8th grade and I've never ever been on a date which means I have never had a boyfriend. The problem is that when I am asked out I don't know how to tell my parents.

Approach your parents in a calm and confident manner. Tell them that you feel that
you are mature enough to date. If they get angry or worried, ask them if they remember
having a bf or gf when they were younger. It wasn't the person they ended up marrying,
but they had fun dating. You don't want too serious of a relationship. If they go as far
as forbiding you to date, remember to show maturity. When you go out with your friends,
get home at your curfew, and follow your parent's rules. They will eventually realize that
you are old enough and mature enough to date. Good luck! :o)
I like this guy and I dunno how to tell him I like him or get him to notice me. Keep in mind that I'm shy!!! What should I do?? HELP!!!

Hmm.... first of all, you should know that going up to someone and saying "I like you." isn't going to work. You have to drop little hints if you can. If he's in any of your classes at school, that's perfect. A little flirting never hurt anyone, **hint hint** so try to at least have a bit of small talk first. Talk to him for a while just like you would a friend. If you can make him notice that you are alive and a nice person, that's a good first step. After that, try to gain his friendship, make your conversations a little longer each day, if you can. Being a friend and listening is good. If he responds to your friendship, that's great. If he doesn't, then you've got a bit of a problem. You can't make a guy like you back, so if he doesn't want to be at least friends you've got to respect that. But, if he does want to be friends, then throw in all the flirting you can! (heeheehee) But don't be a ditz. Still listen to him and give him advice and also talk to him and tell him about what's happening to you. Later this good friendship might blossom into a romance. If he just wants to be friends, then that's all it's ever going to be. But this method is the best way to go about a guy if you're on the shy and "I-don't-want-to-get-hurt-in-this" side. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
My cousin intruduced me to this guy, and I'm really starting to like him. The problem is that he is a bit to old for me. My cousin says he really likes me too. I dont know if I should go out with him or forget about it. He's 22 and I'm 16.

Eeek. 22 and 16. You really have to trust you gut feeling on this. Ask yourself, "Does your cousin know this guy really well?" "Is he responsible?" "What's his reputation?" "Why does he want to date 16 year olds when he could date 22 year olds?" My recommendation is that you find a guy closer to your age, but it's really up to your instincts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I wrote this poem and I had sent it in to a couple contests. I thought it was pretty good, but they basically said it was crap. What do you think? It's called "I Wish".

I won't live much longer. I have 30 seconds left they say. I just wanted to tell you something. I remember those times I had to take out trash or clean the house and I complained. I wish I could live a little bit longer so I could do it. (20 seconds) I remember when I had a fit because my Mom didn't let me have that candy I wanted from the store. Now I wish I could just be in the store to walk around and feel alive again. (10 seconds) I just wish I could live a little longer (4 seconds) so I could really appreciate life (3 seconds).All I wanted to say was don't (2 seconds) be like me (1 second) and goodb--
(goodnight ungrateful one)

Don't be discouraged by what other people say about your writing! Writing poems and stories are ways of expressing yourself, and no one has the right to make you feel bad about your work. Keep it up and save your poems, other people may say they are worthless but all that really matters is how much they are worth to you. This poem is NOT crap, always keep that in mind. :o) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~